What is a Virtual Office?

In today’s world where technology has given us the ability to have FaceTime with friends via our phone, “meetings” with colleagues or clients in offices around the world and Skype with family no matter where they are it should come as no surprise that more and more of us are also officing virtually.


Childhood Lessons and Five Forces That Can Threaten Your Business

From the first playground fist fight to the first cafeteria food fight, our childhood experiences often predict how we react to competition as we age.  Whether we are consistently the victors or the losers, we develop key tactics to dealing with adversaries - which can later indicate our success or failure in business.


Maximizing Performance For Introverted

Employees Can Reduce Turnover

Introverts and extroverts have a neurological difference that contributes to their level of comfort in specific work environments.¹ To understand the dichotomy between the two, visualize introversion and extroversion as a fully charged battery. For introverts, the more they are introduced to external stimuli (social interactions, crowded spaces, noise) the more their battery power (energy) is depleted leaving them feeling over stimulated. To recharge, they seek quiet, solitary spaces with reduced stimuli.¹


Reality TV Strategies For Winning In Business

This is not a test. Your business and local competitors have been entered into a game of Survivor. You are allowed to bring two essential items from your company that will keep your business alive during the indefinite taping (it should be noted that the local competition is in your industry, so they are using the same tools to build their “tribe”). What is going to keep you alive no matter what obstacle is literally thrown at you?


Value Marketing With Emotional Benefits

A customer, investor, employee, and shareholder walk into a bar (true story). The bartender asks each person: “How do you like your value: real, perceived, or on the rocks?” The customer replies “perceived with a little discount sprinkled on the rim,” the investor says, “real served straight up,” the employee says “7 oz of real, 3 oz of perceived, and a 401k lemon wedge on the rim,” and the shareholder says, “it depends on the market”.


The 12-Step Program For Anonymous

Innovative Entrepreneurs

So you’ve taken the first step and admitted that you have a vision, but you don’t know how to make a business out of it. You run a cost benefit analysis in your head and drop your jaw looking at the negative return on investment, then your mouth goes dry as you consider all the things you don’t and will need to know about starting a business - until days, weeks, and months pass and your vision becomes nothing more than words scribbled on a piece of paper and shoved into your pocket.





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