Susan Stake  - Receptionist


Susan has been welcoming ExecuSuites clients for 25 years! She is warm friendly and unflappable under all circumstances.  Susan makes it a point to know not only each of our clients but all of their clients as well and strives to provide personal service to all.  She will charm your callers with her friendly and quick-witted nature, direct your meeting-goers and greet your clients with a rare, charismatic spirit that you will not find anywhere else.  If you are new to the area or have clients in from out of town, Susan is a valuable resource.  Having lived in Rockville for over 25 years she knows all the best places to eat, shop, and stay.

Yessi Piludo  - Client Manager


Yessi is prompt, professional, reliable & tech savvy.  Anything from providing additional administrative services to getting your devices connected, either to our WiFi, VPN, or presentation tech in our state of the art conference rooms – nothing is too much for her.  Yessi is committed to helping clients with whatever obstacle they face in their day-to-day dealings.  Everyday dilemmas are her normal fare and she handles them with ease.  She loves a challenge and sails through her days with a smile, working with unparalleled thoroughness and dedication.

Ella también habla español.

Trish Granahan  - General Manager


Trish brings great energy to the business. She is not afraid to get her hands dirty, whether it be moving furniture or cooking a fantastic pancake breakfast for the clients. Having come from the hospitality industry, she knows how to make clients, both old and new, feel welcome and valued.  Want to bounce some ideas around about growing your business?  Trish is honest, authentic, a great listener, an excellent collaborator and conscientious businessperson. A visionary leader who sees how a professional, a business or an idea could be taken to the next level. She is a pragmatic optimist and a constructive critic who gives reliable feedback and trustworthy counsel.

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