COVID-19 Response

As businesses begin to return to work, we want to advise our clients and guests of the safety measures that have been implemented in our center as well as the building in general.


Social Distancing

In accordance with CDC guidelines, social distancing signs will be posted throughout the center lobby, conference rooms and common shared spaces. In addition, we will limit occupancy in the common areas of the center such as the mail room, the small galley kitchen and both copy centers to one (1) person at a time. The main kitchen is large enough to allow for multiple people to use it simultaneously; however, we do ask that everyone observe the best practices of remaining a minimum of six (6) ft part at all times.

As per building requirements, facemasks are required to be worn in the building common areas. Use of facemasks are encouraged throughout the common areas of the center as well. Within your office, clients are responsible for outlining and enforcing guidelines around social distancing, use of PPE, work hours, illness monitoring/temperature taking, and other health and safety procedures. We encourage you to adhere to best practices and guidelines outlined by the CDC and local governments.

Gloves will be worn for mail handling and restocking of beverages and supplies in the kitchens, etc.

Health shields are being installed in the Admin office and at the receptionist station.

In addition to the cleaning done nightly by the janitorial staff, disinfectant sprays will be made available for the common areas and which will be wiped down throughout the day.

Conference rooms will be wiped down after each use.

Hand sanitizer will be available in the building lobby, at the receptionist station and admin office.


Essential teams have remained on-site performing daily maintenance and increased cleanings.

    Upon Return to Work, the following measures will be in place:

  • Enhanced cleaning in common areas (kitchen, bathrooms, elevators) and high-touch areas (doorknobs, railings, copy machines, light switches, cabinet knobs)
  • All cleaning products are upgraded to hospital-level Virex-based, or comparable, for disinfection
  • Janitorial staff will use recycled paper towels, as opposed to reusable microfiber clothes
  • Hand sanitizer will be available in common area lobbies, building entrances, and café areas
  • The building landlord has increased janitorial staffing and teams are strictly adhering to cleaning guidelines issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


  • The building has upgraded the HVAC systems, with a minimum of a MERV-13 air filter or equivalent , capable of trapping air particulates, including bacteria and viruses down to 0.3–1.0 micron particle size.
  • The building’s fresh air intake has been increased to 100%, as indoor and outdoor conditions permit, exceeding ASHRAE and CDC guidelines. They are also keeping systems running for longer hours for continued circulation.


  • In accordance with CDC guidelines and state mandates, tenants are encouraged to wear face coverings/masks in public areas. If you are unable to procure a face mask, please see a member of staff.
  • The building will have ample building signage reminding tenants of CDC best practices, including social distancing guidelines.
  • Elevator restrictions will be implemented limiting occupancy to two people at a time, where possible and encouraging 6 feet of separation.
  • Trashcans will be placed at restroom doors so tenants can touch the door handle with a paper towel and then dispose of it.


In low-rise buildings, we encourage tenants to use the stairs. Where buildings allow, stairwells will be designated as “up only” or “down only” to control flow of traffic. Stairwells are being cleaned and disinfected regularly.


It is critical that clients understand their responsibilities to monitor and report confirmed or suspected illnesses of employees and visitors in their space.

Upon learning of a confirmed COVID-19 case in a building, the building landlord will be notified and will continue to follow procedure: informing tenant base of case, and cordoning off infected area for a full disinfection including cleaning and disinfecting all spaces, especially commonly used rooms and shared electronic equipment.